Federal Grand Jury Indicts Alleged Robbery Crew in Well-Planned Jewelry Heists that Netted $1 Million in Stolen Goods

Published: 29.04.2019 - 14:34 | Juwelier-Warndienst

LOS ANGELES – A federal grand jury today indicted five members of a robbery crew who allegedly committed sophisticated heists by following wholesale jewelers and bank customers – sometimes for days – and then robbing them, netting the thieves more than $1 million worth of jewelry and tens of thousands of dollars in cash over the past 18 months….
…. The various heists described in court documents followed a similar pattern: a member of the crew known as a “scout” identified a victim who was likely to be carrying jewelry or cash. The victims typically were jewelers conducting business at jewelry stores or malls in Orange County, the Jewelry District in downtown Los Angeles, or at various trade shows, the affidavit states. The “scout” followed the victim, who often was carrying large amounts of jewelry or cash, and would wait for an opportunity when the scout and co-conspirators could rob the jeweler…..
….If convicted in this case, defendants Lucca and Nuñez would face a statutory maximum sentence of 40 years in federal prison, and the other defendants would face statutory maximum sentences of 20 years in prison….

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