About Us

The Crime Prevention Alliance Europe  is a cooperation and a network of security professionals for the jewelery- and watch industry in the fields of information, advice, training, investigation and evaluation.
The five partners have been working together successfully for many years and are located in Germany, Great Britain, France and the Netherlands.

This kind of cross-border cooperation in the fight against crime is essential today as the industry is almost exclusively damnified by offenders and groups of offenders who are travelling across Europe or even operating worldwide. This concerns all types of crimes such as robbery, theft, burglary or fraud.

The purpose of this portal is to learn about industry-related offenses and procedures of offenders in Europe and worldwide as comprehensive as possible. The information should help to prevent further criminal acts or to assist investigating authorities in the identification and arrest of perpetrators.

This site is NOT a substitute for the individual services of the partners in their respective countries (D / A / CH, GB, F / MC, NL) . Only the services of the cooperation partners distribute all available perpetrators images, pictures of suspicious persons, internal information and instructions for the daily safety to their participants .

The five partners on this portal only share and hyperlink publicly accessible releases / newspaper articles etc. about criminal acts as well as their own notifications and information. These publications can be in any language – not only in German, English or French.

If you got any question, please do not hesitate to contact the cooperation partners.

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