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CCTV shows armed robbers smash town centre shopfront in broad daylight

This was the moment armed robbers targeted a town centre store in broad daylight while Saturday shoppers walked by. Greater Manchester Police says ‘several high value items’ were taken from the business which was targeted on Bradshawgate, in Leigh….


New Zealand: Shoppers stunned as robbers storm Mt Maunganui Michael Hill jewellery store

Mit Video!
Weltweit geschehen die gleichen Taten auf Juweliergeschäfte! Hier ein aktuelles Beispiel von heute in Neuseeland. Ein Juweliergeschäft in einer Mall wird Opfer eines Raubüberfalles. Warum, weil es so leicht ist/war! Vitrinen aus einfachem Glas lassen sich mit einfachsten « Werkzeugen » einschlagen. Breiter, offener Zugang, gute und schnelle Fluchtmöglichkeiten, Sicherheitsdienst kann nur zusehen, Sicherheitsnebel stört die Täter nur bedingt…. TÄTER SUCHEN OPFER, KEINE GEGNER!

Shoppers at a Tauranga mall were told to shelter in stores after a group of robbers attacked the Michael Hill Jewellers shop.


Watch: How to Protect Your Store This Holiday Season

John Kennedy and Berkley Asset Protection’s Andrew Chipman talk crime trends and share prevention tips ahead of the holidays…..


Watsonville police seeking suspected jewelry thieves

WATSONVILLE — Police are seeking the public’s help in tracking a mother-daughter duo suspected of stealing more than $100,000 in jewelry from a Watsonville shop.
The women, identified as Onita Rostas, 53, and Steluta Lacatus, 30, allegedly distracted a jewelry store clerk long enough to make off with stolen jewels on Sept. 11 from the 300 block of Main Street, according to the Watsonville Police Department. The women allegedly told store personnel that they were from Spain and were interested in purchasing gifts for their family…..


BURGLARY FAILS: Security expert reacts to diamond robbery (Part 2)

Interview with Int. Jeweler Alert-Service on the subject of burglary!


Philadelphia Jeweler Followed Home, Robbed of Luxury Watch

Philadelphia—The owner of a jewelry store on Philadelphia’s Jewelers’ Row was robbed of a watch at gunpoint by two men who allegedly followed him home from his store….


Safety expert reacts to JEWELRY BURGLARIES – stupid to tragic

Interview with Int. Jeweler Alert-Service on the subject of burglary!


Amazon’s Antwerp Diamond Heist Series to Debut in October

New York—The diamond industry will be in the spotlight on Amazon this fall, this time in a made-in-Italy drama series inspired by largest diamond theft of all time, the Antwerp Diamond Heist.
One of the biggest heists in history, the caper took place on Feb. 15, 2003 when a team of Italian thieves, led by Leonardo Notarbartolo, broke into and looted the underground vault at the Antwerp Diamond Centre. …


Thieves Nab Nearly $1M in Jewels in Calif. Smash-and-Grab

Irvine, Calif.—Authorities are on the lookout for the three suspects involved in a smash-and-grab robbery at Jewels by Alan in Irvine, California. …


Experienced jewelry switch thieves arrested and linked to other crimes

Fort Lauderdale, FL – On July 26, 2023, 48-year-old Aurel Dobos and 41-year-old Adina Buchuc were arrested at Miami International Airport.
In April of this year, the suspects stole a high-end watch from a jewelry store by replacing the real watch with a fake watch. The judge presiding over the suspects’ hearing indicated the suspects are being investigated for other crimes in California, Virginia, and Texas…..

Safety expert reacts to JEWELRY BURGLARIES - stupid to tragic
Burglary Fails: Security Expert reacts to Diamond Robbery