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Hunt for heist suspects gets international aid

The identities of three men who allegedly stole jewelry worth over $400,000 from the lobby of The Little Nell hotel in a brazen, midday heist on Dec. 21 have been established with the help of the Chilean government, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, airport surveillance cameras, the Transportation Security Administration, and a California police department…..


Crime tourism a growing problem in Canada, says FBI agent

An FBI agent who fights South American crime gangs says he expects the problem of Chilean burglars in Canada will worsen in the coming years…….“They know that Canada has lax laws so that’s the reason why they like Canada,” Romo said….


The Pink Panthers – A tale of diamonds, thieves, and the Balkans.

On May 19, 2003, a man in his late twenties walked along New Bond Street, in London, and stopped outside the flagship store of Graff, which proudly claims to sell “the most fabulous jewels in the world.” The man, whose image, captured by surveillance cameras, was later studied by detectives on three continents, was five feet eight and blond, with a small waist and the upper body of an acrobat. He spoke to no one, and did not go inside to look at the necklaces and rings on display. After five minutes, the man stepped away from the storefront and continued down the street…..


Sicherheitssystem versagt? Einbruch in Glashütter Uhrenmuseum gibt Rätsel auf

Glashütte – Drei teure Uhren wurden während der Öffnungszeit aus dem Glashütter Uhrenmuseum geraubt – obwohl die Alarmanlage scharf war. Die Beklauten geben sich zurückhaltend…..


Burglars grab more than $77K worth of jewelry from Astoria home: NYPD

Police are asking for help in identifying two suspects wanted in connection with a string of burglaries in Astoria.Law enforcement sources said the two suspects forcibly entered three residential locations along 49th Street on Feb. 8 between 7:15 and 7:45 p.m. According to police, the suspects gained access to the homes by climbing the rear stairs of each location before breaking windows and entering through rear doors…..


Colombian tourists arrested in brazen daylight diamond heist

Security camera footage shows a man in a suit pick up a suitcase of jewels at the Ramat Gan Diamond Exchange and casually walk out the door….



COEUR d’ALENE — Although charges were filed by police and a suspect was arrested, a Coeur d’Alene coin store robbery last year is an open case that has taken on national significance.Coeur d’Alene Police Detective Jay Wilhelm said his detectives filed charges with the prosecutor’s office as a result of a police investigation into the November robbery of the Spartacus Coins Bullion Collectibles coin shop on East Sherman Avenue….


JSA to Honor 2 Journalists and 3 Law Enforcement Officers

NEW YORK – On Saturday, Jan. 12, 2019, the Jewelers’ Security Alliance will host its annual luncheon at the New York Yacht Club in New York, honoring several individuals for outstanding assistance to the safety and security of the jewelry industry……


P4A glass vs. P6B glass test

Silatec glass test. Bulletproof glass also known as ballistic glass, transparent armor, or bullet-resistant glass. P4A vs P6B


Police release footage of three men involved in $800K theft

Aspen police on Wednesday released surveillance video showing the three men suspected of stealing an estimated $800,000 worth of jewelry from a display case near The Little Nell lobby in Friday’s quick, midday heist…..

Safety expert reacts to JEWELRY BURGLARIES - stupid to tragic
Burglary Fails: Security Expert reacts to Diamond Robbery